The SANePLAN knowledge community makes 233 improvement contributions

03 April 2014
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3rd April 2014- The goal of creating a community of people sensible to the issues of the project, with whom a communication channel will be maintained, was successfully reached.

Over 11 working sessions at A Coruña and Pontevedra , there were 70 participants and gathered 233 improvement contributions

In Spain were made 6 working sessions with a number of assistances around 50 persons and in Italy 5 sessions in which was a participation of 20 persons.

To this figures one must add entities and professional people that sent their contribution by telematic way, coming up to a total of 142 contributions from the spanish kowledge community and suport, and 91 on the italian community.



European project LIFE+

This initiative has a budget of 1.513.376 € for the period 2013-2016, and has been partial financed by
the EU with 756.688 €. It is supported by the Technological Center ITG, the District Council of
Pontevedra, and the italian company Physis, had been accepted by the European Union on the frame of the
LIFE+ project by the Environmental Management Politics ( LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687).

The objective is the “ Integrated Planning and Sustainable Management of Sanitation Infrastructures”
through the development of an Information System that will allow exact data for an accurate dimension
and planning based on actual needs and forecast, under costs limits, environmental protection,
population and climate change.





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Project co-financed

 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687


  • Tfno: 981 173 206 (ITG, Project Leader)
  • Fax: 981 173 223 (ITG, Project Leader)
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