Baiona and the Salnés commonwealth, pilot sceneries of SANePLAN

28 July 2014
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28th of July 2014 – After the Province official gazette published the bases for any municipality or commonwealth could apply to be a SANePLAN pilot scenery, finally they will be Baiona, Ribadumia, Vilanova e Cambados.

The 3 councils of the Arousa county requested it on a joint way through the O Salnés commonwealth, while Baiona made an individual request ,having already experience when took part on a previous european project about potable water.

In 2013, Baiona was the hostess of the closing meeting and results presentation of the WIZ european consortium about  councils potable water management

At the time the proposals were assessed, some aspects had been measured. Among them, a previous commitment with the water cicle integral management ( previous implemented politics and strategies in order to achieve a water cicle management under sustainability criteria), initial data about supply and sanitation networks on a digital base, and a total or partial digitalised street guide

Pioneer system in Europe

The 4 municipalities will be joined by another one from Toscania, Italy, in order to be the experimental sceneries of a pioneer system in Europe that creates a purifying and sanitation network model taking into account the urban caracteristics and possible changes caused by the population increase or decrease, a higher or lower rainfall levels or other significant changes related with the climate change

Ultimately, validate an integrate planning system of the purifying and sanitation network, in which data are gathered from different places of the network (pumping, plumbing, valves, registration wells, EDAR,) and after beeing processed, a relevant information will be obtained in order to improve the network management.

European project LIFE+

This initiative has a budget of 1.513.376 € for the period 2013-2016, and has been partial financed by the EU with 756.688 €. It is supported by the Technological Center ITG, the District Council of Pontevedra, and the italian company Physis, had been accepted by the European Union on the frame of the LIFE+ project by the Environmental Management Politics ( LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687).

The objective is the “ Integrated Planning and Sustainable Management of Sanitation Infrastructures” through the development of an Information System that will allow exact data for an accurate dimension and planning based on actual needs and forecast, under costs limits, environmental protection , population and climate change.




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Project co-financed

 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687


  • Tfno: 981 173 206 (ITG, Project Leader)
  • Fax: 981 173 223 (ITG, Project Leader)
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