“Baiona will have a system to improve the management of the sanitation infrastructures through new technologies” - Baiona TV

07 October 2014
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2014-10-07 - BAIO 03

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7th October 2014 – The District Council of Pontevedra will develop at the councils of Baiona, Cambados , Ribadumia and Vila Nova de Arousa, a system in order to improve how the sanitation infrastructure and the purifying are managed.That will be through the Saneplan project that is part of the Life+ european project and is developed in cooperation with the Galician Technological Institute and the italian company Phisys dependent of the Florence University

The goal is to draw and validate integrated planning systems of the sanitation infrastructures, using new accurate technologies applied to all the elements that are part of the sanitation and purifying system.

A new system had been created in order that data can be collected in all and each system points ( pumping, plumbing, valves, registration well, EDAR...) in a way that through a technological and mathjematical treatment, one could get relevant information in order to improve the management and design of the network

The sanitation and putifying system associated costs: the network aswers and the needed modifications against possible changes due to climate change (rain variation) and the needs of growing caused by a possible urban increasing , are some of the data that are available.

With this information, the quality of the discharges , as well as the infrastructures management and its draft, in order that the sanitation network can be accuratly dimensioned and be planned together with the urban management and also with the suitable parameter for the natural and urban outline protection. Nevertheless , it will allow energy saving costs and insure the future of the water resources, adapting the network to the real needs of each village.

Public tender

The 4 chosen counties and those where this system will be implemented , will work as an experimental project , together with Toscana council (Italy) in oprder that the system can be tested and correct possible failures.

The election of the councils where this experiment is going to be developed , was made by open public tender,to which all the interested counties and commonwealth of the province could apply for.

The 3 selected councils of the Arousa county applied on a join way through the Salnés commonwealth, while Baiona by itself. The work done and the previous commitment with the integral water cicle management were valued when the proposals were assessed .. So the implemented policies and strategies according to the sustainable management of the water cicle, were valued as well as the disposable tools , the existence of initial data refered to the supplyand sanitation networks on a digital way, and the existence of a county street mappartial or completely digitalized.

Pioneer project

It is the first time in Europe that a project is been started in order to create a model of a sanitation and purifying system network, taking into account the urban characteristics and those related with a possible change of the initial scenery, like the increase or reduction of the population, the climate change , with more or less rainfall and other parameters that can affect the infrastructure. During the next months, the District Council of Pontevedra will start to work together with the project partners and a company specialized in modeling networks and water enginering in order to obtain the necessary data to create the necessary tool towards the using of the sanitation network of those counties in which the pilot project is going to be implemented.




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