SANePLAN present at the CONAMA 2014 roundtable about Water Management on Times of Crisis

28 November 2014
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28th November 2014. - The Paris Room at the Madrid Council Congress Palace was the place for the ST36 roundtable concerning water management on times of crises.

The contribution of Juan Luis Sobreira Seoane, representing the Galician Technological Institute Foundation (ITG), lider of the LIFE SANePLAN project and LIFE ROEM+ , was made among others notorious professionals of the water field:

  • Fermín Lopez Unzú, Director of the Mediterranian Waters Explotation (AcuaMed)
  • Mariano Blanco Orozco, President of the 6th Comision of the Spanish Water Supply and Sanitation Association (AEAS)
  • Carlos Mário Gomez Gomez, Profesor of Economic Analyses Bases at the Alcalá University
  • Juan Luis Sobreira Seone,business development director of the Galician Tecnological Institute Foundation
  • Mataró Council (Aigues de Mataró)

The lack of hidro resources in our country, the short capacity of public administrations to aproach investments and sustain the several management services, and the incresing of the rules obligations, produces the need of developing excelent management ways in all the water cicle levels, in order to reach the most with the least

Debate Subjects

The working session was built up in several turns which updating questions concerning the water cicle management were discussed

1 Presentacion

2 Water Fee System in Spain

  • In which way the basis of the Water Frame Regulation rules are beeing used towards the costs recuperation?Is it necessary a general regulation frame concerning water fees? Would it allow a homogeneous stable and predictable system? Is it possible to assign fees further than costs retrieval and put them to the objectives service such as savings promotion, among others?

3 A regulator figure

  • Is it necessary to create a regulator figure who should develop a fee calculation methology?What other commitments should have? Surveillance role? Negotiator and conflict resolutions? How should it work and how would it be composed?

4 Management units

  • Is ir necessary reduce the number of operators in order to achieve a more efficient resources management?How should it be done? Under which criteria?

5 Infrastructures, maintenance. Innovation and technological opportunities

  • Is there any real obsolet danger of the spanish hydraulic infrastructures? Hare they having maintenance problems due to the lack of resources? Is there a process reducing tecnics caused by budget problems? What kind of finantiation is going to be for new infrastructures and I+D+i? What technological opportunities exist for a better water management in the future? Spacial information needs related to the water management: technological and concern obstacles.

6 Public Private Arrangements

  • What are the strenghts and limits of the public private arrangements, concerning the water management? How are the management quality controls assured?Is it necessary to separate the one who manages the infrastructures from those who manage the department? Must it be forbiden using the financiation of the project to compensate the debts of

7 Citizenship Participation and Responsability

  • How can the citizenship participation in the urban water management cicle? How are the citizen rights protected towards water as an essencial good?Are there any social action mechanisms dealing with vulnerable groups? How should these mechanisms be more transparent and efficient? What is the responsibility of the councils, managers and competent departments?How and about what should ther society be informed? What is the Regulation 2005/370/CE (Aarhus) have to do with the Environmental Information and the Citizenship Participation?

8 Water full cicle urban use law

  • Facing a future law of water full cicle urban use announced by the Government, wich should be the key issue reflected on that law?



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