SANePLAN goes ahead strongly towards its goals

09 March 2015
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9th March 2015 – The partners’ involvement both in Spain and Italy had allowed an intense pace of the expected works of the project.

The next months will be crucial for the accomplishment of new milestones. The majority of the working fields will be launched at the four pilot sceneries of the county council of Pontevedra, and the module of the networks will be made in order to know its performance. At the same time, an intense database collection campaign is being made in Italy.

As well, it will be launched a strategy to engage 50 new entities, that acknowledge SANePLAN as a guide for a better urban planification and sanitation system management. Up till now, 62 entities have showed their support to the project. Some of them quite relevant, such as the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Water Technological Institute (ITA) of this same university; Acque Spa; Waters of Galicia; Miño Sil Hydrographic Confederation, or de Water Supply and Sanitation Spanish Association.


Finished tasks

On the first part of the project, the preparation actions were finished with success (Community on Knowledge and Support, the art preservation where the requirements were settled counting with the input of the Community on Knowledge and Support members, made up of more than 200 people.

The period in between May 2014 and today, had been focused in the development and implementation of the SANePLAN information system. 85% of the requirements has been completed and since November 2014 the first modules of a system have been created, which allows the infrastructures management, the calculation of CO2 and electric consume connected with the purification system or analyze the needs according to the urban development.






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