The SANePLAN information system reaches already 85% of the intended functionality

16 March 2015
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Captura de pantalla del software SANePLAN

15th March 2015 – The SANePLAN information system, software that will allow respond to the information needs of all the agents that step in the Sanitation Management and Urban Planification, is fulfilling the planned stages of its development.

“Aggregate all the information, evaluate it and be transparent are the goals of this information system”

In this moment, modules are being produced, which will allow the citizen, for example, to report incidents at the sanitation service and receive an answer from the council managers.

A function is also being created in which the sanitation costs can be registered as well as the module in which all the different processes of the wastewater treatment stations are described.

A centralized access point

Legislators, planning authorities (both water and territory), managers and citizens can consult through web aspects related with sanitation networks as well as with wastewater purification of their council. A system that definitely will give answers to questions such as:

  • What are the sanitation system costs?
  • What houses have a council sanitation system?
  • What are the infrastructure elements location and itinerary?
  • What incidents had happened and what was their evolution?
  • Which is the energetic consume and the CO2 emissions due to the sanitation process?
  • Is the existent infrastructure able to face the increase of population?
  • Which are the procedures that the citizens must follow related to the sanitation service?
  • among others




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Project co-financed

 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687


  • Tfno: 981 173 206 (ITG, Project Leader)
  • Fax: 981 173 223 (ITG, Project Leader)
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