The European Commission awards the LIFE Project, precursor of SANePLAN

30 June 2015
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30th of June, 2015 – The European Commission celebrates the annual gala “Best LIFE Projects Awards”, to award the 8 best environmental projects of the LIFE initiative, completed in the previous year.

This year’s edition, held in Brussels during the recently finished Green Week, had 102 aspiring projects and a selection of 25, from which the 8 awarded initiatives were chosen. One of them, named WaterIZe spatial planning (WIZ) is SANePLAN’s precursor.

Pioneer focus

WIZ was approved by the European Commission in the LIFE+ initiative near the end of 2010, within the Environmental Policy and Government category. The Spanish-Italian consortium successfully developed innovative technology to practically and transparently contribute key data for drinking water management to citizens, management enterprises, and administrations in the scenarios of population growth, tourist pressure, or climate change.

One focus that SANePLAN is implementing in sanitation and purification networks presents a technical, technological, and cultural point of departure, very different from that of drinking water distribution networks.

Pilot scenario

Ten municipalities in Italy and one in Spain permitted a successful test of the technologies developed within the WIZ project context. The selection of the Baiona municipality as the pilot setting in Spain has permitted the development and implementation of a specific software known as WIZ4ALL, that answers concrete questions such as:


  • What’s the quantity and quality of the drinking water that exists in the municipality?
  • WWhat are the economic and environmental costs of the water supply process?
  • What are the possibilities of saving water in the municipal supply facilities?
  • Can new leisure centers with intense use of water be created?
  • Should exploitation of other aquifers be considered?
  • Does the network need to be renewed?
  • Is it necessary to foment new guidelines to ration consumption?
  • Can drinking water supply be guaranteed and for how long, if rain levels drop or if temperature rises?
  • Etc.


Ultimately, an improvement in the drinking water supply process, concerning environmental aspects, and energy savings and economic efficiency, through computerization of the supply network and the section by section control of it, to precisely and rapidly detect any incident.

Watch video summary about WIZ (3 minutes) 

Watch its final report (24 pages)




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Project co-financed

 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687


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