Florence Conference (II): Exchange of knowledge among network projects

05 January 2016
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01 Firenze

In the course of the afternoon session of the conference Sanitation and town planning: from the network to the treating process”, held in Florence, technical meetings were held among the projects in the LIFE Programme: BIOCLOC, BIOSUR and SANePLAN.

Professors Cecilia Carettia, DICEA researcher and Director of the BIOCLOC Project, and Alberto Mannucci, a professional in the field of treating waste waters, gave the first speech of the afternoon. The BIOCLOC Project sets out to demonstrate the applicability and potential of an innovative supervisory and monitoring of the active sludge process, based on measuring in line with the nitrification rate.

The engineer, Laura Palli, also a DICEA researcher, continued with a presentation on the use of fungal biomass in the treatment of recalcitrant waste waters, this being an alternative to the traditional systems based on bacterial biomass.

The following speech was given by Tommaso Litti, researcher at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic, awarded a Marie Curie grant. His intervention focused on the use of granular biomass as an alternative to the traditional process of active sludge.

The seminar was brought to a close by the engineer, Francesco Spennati, DICEA researcher, who presented the BIOSUR Project. This project deals with the application of an innovative technology for treating and containing smells. Its technical viability is being demonstrated by the design, development and management of a RBBTF system (Rotating Bed Biotrickling Filter) at a pre-industrial scale, the aim being to biologically eliminate hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

The SANePLAN, BIOCLOC and BIOSUR Projects, which had previously undersigned a collaboration agreement for the exchange of information and experiences, took the opportunity to share their latest developments and accomplishments in each of the projects, carrying out networking activities.



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