[related news] R&D to detect nano-contamination in reservoirs and WWTS

19 May 2016
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WaterNanoEnv Xunta ITG

May 19th, 2016 - ITG today unveiled to the government of the regional autonomous government of Galicia the latest developments in WaterNanoEnv, the international project for the environmental control of the entire water cycle, in collaboration with the International Nanotechnology Laboratory in Braga (INL) and the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).

WaterNanoEnv will make it possible to combat nano-contamination at both the water uptake phase (reservoirs) and in the debugging phase (wastewater treatment plants, wastewater treatment plant). Early detection of contaminants in water reservoirs will take place through the development of nano-sensors capable of reacting in the presence of cyanobacterial toxins, a toxic substance and dangerous consequence of phenomena such as eutrophication. The scope of the project also provides for the detection of other types of bacteria that put health at risk, such as e-coli and enterococci.

At the treatment phase, the project will also include the experience of the University of Santiago to analyze the impact of nano-waste in the treatment stage, a problem for which treatment plants wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are not adequately designed and whose impact on their operation and on the environment has not been sufficiently studied.

The results of "WaterNanoEnv" allow for a swift response to emergencies and risk situations due to water pollution; improving prevention and comprehensive management to reduce costs in environmental recovery; and protecting the diversity and natural heritage as well as improving environmental and human health.

The project is led by the ITG, which has spent 10 years developing its R&D to address complex problems such as eutrophication, red tides, detection of leaks in distribution networks, optimization of drinking water or of sanitation networks.


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